BOM – Brewer, Owner, Malter – 3960 Bree, Belgium

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  • Heaven_VS_Hell_smBert started as homebrewer and learned the tricks of the trade by
    Brewery Orval, Rodenbach, was cellar master by Br. Boon and has been brewmaster at Br. St.Bernardus
  • He was jury member at the World Beer Cups for several years and worked for a while at a US craft brewery
  • Bert created his own recipes and is brewing at a “gipsy-Brewery”, he calls it. He rents the wort boilers of a brewery because he is convinced that only the malt and skilled brewmaster is key to great beer.

Triporteur from Heaven

  • Is a heavily hopped beer using 4 home-baked BOM malts. The wheat malt in the unfiltered beer can produce a light cloudiness.  He uses Belgian dark and white candy sugar and uses 3 aromatic hops and 3 dry hopping.
  • This Ale is bottle conditioned and is 6.2%alc/vol.

Triporteur from Hell

  • Is a dark beer brewed with 4 hellish burned and roasted BOM malts. The beer reminds us of chocolate, caramel recently brewed coffee and freshly baked bread. He uses Belgian dark cane sugar and 2 different hops.
  • This Ale is bottle conditioned and is 6.6%alc/vol.

Wild & Funky

  • The Wild & Funky is our response to the challenge to brew a new style of sour beer with mixed fermentation. Taste-wise, the beer fits perfectly within the Belgian tradition, but the brewing method is different than usual.
  • The Wild & Funky is a Triporter: a mixed beer consisting of three separate fermentations. The beer is made up of one part Wild, one part Funky and one part young beer:
  • The Wild is product of a mixed fermentation with lactic acid bacteria, a Brettanomyces yeast from an original Porter and a champagne yeast.
  • The Funky is created from a mixed fermentation with lactic acid bacteria, our own cultivated Brettanomyces yeasts and a white wine yeast.
  • The young beer is brewed with the BOM yeast and with the Special BOM A and Special BOM B malts. One of the exclusive ingredients of the Wild & Funky is the Poiret apple and pear syrup from Siroperie Meurens. This syrup delivers a pleasurable apple sourness after fermentation. 7 pounds of apples and pears are needed for the production of 1 pound of Poiret syrup.

Our Malt Selections: “The ONLY craft brewer in the World, that roasts his own malt”

BOM Baked

  • BOM B is a malt baked at low temperature. A smooth malt with a rounded taste and the smell of freshly baked bread and caramel.

BOM Wheat

  • BOM W is a baked wheat malt. This malt gives the beer an extra smoothness and has a surprising flavour of popcorn.

BOM Thorefacto

  • BOM Thorefacto is a contraction of THOR, our first son and Torrefacto, a method for roasting coffee. During baking, a small quantity of sugar is added that then caramelises around the malt grain. This malt is brown because of the caramelised sugar, but it still remains its light colour inside.

BOM Coriander

  • BOM C is a coriander malt and is produced based upon BOM B malt. During baking the malt, coriander seeds are added. The fine coriander aroma is freed during baking and is transferred to the malt.


  • BOM DRC = Dubbel Roasted Chocolate Malt
  • The BOM DRC malt is doubly roasted Belgian chocolate malt by BOM that gives the beer a soft touch of vanilla and caramel. This malt ensures an aftertaste in Hell and has a more pronounced burned taste than usual chocolate malt. By using fresh malt, the beer gets a warm character. Chocolate malt in Hell, many hops in Heaven: choosing becomes difficult…

BOM Dark Roasted

  • BOM Dark Roasted is a dark roasted malt, intensely burned into a black colour. During the roasting process, the bitter taste is then mellowed using the new BOM process.

BOM Wheat Roast

  • BOM Wheat Roast is a roasted wheat malt. This malt adds a soft, sourish, but still slightly burned taste to the beer.

BOM Seasalt

  • BOM Seasalt is the sea salt malt variety. At the end of the burning process of roasted malt, a small amount of moist sea salt is added. The heat evaporates the moisture and the salt sticks to the grain, drying the latter completely and giving it a new character. This malt ensures a full tasting beer.