Castlebrewery Ter Dolen – 3530 Helchtern, Belgium

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  • During the Middle Ages, this castle was an abbey from the Abbots of St. Truiden.
  • After no one was interested in becoming a monk, the abbey became abandoned and was bought by several individuals who let the building fall into despair.
  • Jeroen and Mieke Desplenter bought it in the early 2000 and converted it into a castle brewery with beautiful terraces where you can enjoy their beers.

Ter Dolen Kriek – Only Abbey Kriek in the World

This unfiltered top-fermented beer is blended with real natural, fresh cherry juice and is made from one type of wheat and malt together with 2 kinds of hops and with the addition of  coriander and orange peel.  This Kriek beer is 4.5% alc/vol.

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Armand Ter Dolen

This Ale is very aromatic due to its dry-hopping usage of the American hop “Cascade” where the nose is fruity with grapefruit and citrus and the taste is dominated by well-balanced hop notes.  This unfiltered Ale is 7% alc/vol and therefore slightly hazy.

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