Brewery Lupus – 3200 Aarschot, Belgium

  • In 2003, Peter starts thinking on brewing himself after a visit to a brewery in the Ardennes.
  • Took several brewing classes and learned from the advice of established Belgian brewers, experimented with different recipes and procedures.
  • In 2008, Peter and 3 partners started the brewery and the name was chosen because of the predator living in the region, centuries ago.
  • Wolf means Canis Lupus, in Latin.

Wolf 7

It’s a gold colored Ale with very white dense foam. The aroma has some elements of vanilla, white pepper and some fruity notes. The after taste has notes of peach, nectarine and a nice hoppy balance is present.  This is a Blond with a soft character of 7.4% alc/vol.

Wolf 9

Is an amber colored Ale with a dense, thick head.  The Ale has a fruity aroma where some banana and apricot are present.  The aftertaste is full bodied with sweet, warm notes and a great punch of alcohol.  This Ale is well-balanced with an 8.9% alc/vol.

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