Distillery de BIERCÉE - Ragnies, Belgium

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Distillery de BIERCÉE – Ragnies, Belgium

  • Created in 1946 as a cooperative to distill locally grown fruits.
  • Early 80’s: creation of the Eau de Villée.
  • During the 90’s: they invested in equipment & product development.
  • In 2000, they moved to the Ferme de la Cour.

Their Philosophy

  • They extract the heart of the fruit, to reflect the best expression of it in their products.
  • They select the best fruit from the best terroir (soil) to reselect at their premises.
  • Fermentation, infusion and distillation are handled by their master distillers of many years of experience.
  • Blending and bottling are done onsite to ensure the quality over each bottle.

Quality without compromise

  • ONLY the BEST fruit from the BEST SOIL.
  • Modern technology that allows to capture the essence of the fruit.
  • Each product is unique with its own character.
  • No use of artificial aromas or additives.
  • Ecological and qualitative packaging.

bottle-eauvilleeEAU DE VILLÉE – Original Premium Lemon Liquor

  • Based on yellow lemons from Murcia not treated, “primo Fiori” quality.
  • Use of fresh lemons to capture the essence of the fruit.
  • Blend with other distillates results in a subtle mouth feel and taste of a premium lemon liquor.
  • Served directly from the freezer.
  • Ideal base for cocktails and delicious when used in desserts.
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bottle-ivoireNOIR D’IVOIRE – Belgian Chocolate Experience

  • A liquor that expresses perfectly the premium quality of Belgian chocolate.
  • Subtle mix of cacao varieties from the Ivory Coast.
  • Elegant aromas and a long and expressive mouthfeel.
  • Delicate and light liquor, taste of dark chocolate and no cream added.
  • Served on ice in a tumbler glass.
  • Excellent company or used in desserts.
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bottle-griotteGRIOTTE – Red and Sweet like a Cherry

  • This light liquor is made from the Morello Cherries.
  • Traditional Cherry liquor.
  • Lively nose of fresh cherry and very velvety.
  • Chilled, straight from the fridge.
  • Neat, as an aperitif or digestive.
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bottle-pekethouyePEKET DE HOUYEU – Traditional Belgian Genever

  • Peket de Houyeu is a pure grain genever of rye and malted barley etc.
  • Aged for short time in oak casks gives it its amber color and characteristic smoothness.
  • Clean juniper finish.
  • Gently woody attack.
  • Peket is the Walloon name for genever.
  • Digestive.
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bottle-orangineORANGINE – Combo of Cocoa and Orange…

  • This liquor is made with the best quality oranges you will ever find.
  • Orangine evokes the taste of candied oranges.
  • Very subtle nose of bitter orange.
  • Serve chilled or on the rocks.
  • Digestive.
  • To accompany a chocolate dessert.
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Website: http://www.distilleriedebiercee.be/en/home/

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